We are the Global Leaders in Social Engineering Training

Our professional training courses are designed to be highly interactive, teaching the practical application of the attacker perspective in order to protect critical assets. Curriculum is focused on real-world scenarios that will prepare students to recognize how cybercriminals influence human behavior.

  • Practical OSINT (2-Day)
  • SERA - Social Engineering Risk Assessment (3-day)
  • APSE - Advanced Practical Social Engineering (4-Day)
  • MLSE – Masters Level Social Engineer (invite only)

Designed and written by Christopher Hadnagy (author of Social Engineering: The Science of Human Hacking and Unmasking the Social Engineer: The Human Side of Security), with contributions by Robin Dreeke (former Chief, FBI Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program), Social-Engineer provides the only performance-based social engineering training courses available to the public.

In addition, our training courses provide the opportunity for you to practice your new skills.  You will also benefit from individualized feedback provided by our professional pentesters and social engineers.

Practical OSINT for Social Engineers

Practical OSINT for Social Engineers is a hands-on, 2-day course. Attendees learn how to strategically search, categorize, and organize information. Our instructors use real world examples to demonstrate the use of advance technologies with investigations.

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Social Engineering Risk Assessment (SERA)

Social Engineering Risk Assessment (SERA) is a hands-on, 3-day course. Attendees learn how to target and perform laser-focused research. Our instructors use real world examples to demonstrate the use of OSINT in crafting meaningful pretexts. This course also allows the students to perform vishing attacks and craft multiple phishing emails specific to their targets.

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Advanced Practical Social Engineering (APSE)

The Advanced Practical Social Engineering training is a highly interactive 4-day course. This course combines practical lectures together with discussions. Additionally, it provides multiple hands-on exercises and demonstrations as well as especially creative homework assignments. The skills you develop and learn as a result of taking the course will equip you to pass the Social Engineering Pentest Professional (SEPP) certification test.

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Masters Level Social Engineering (MLSE)

The Master’s Level Social Engineering Training Course is by invitation only. This five-day training is the only performance-based master’s level social engineering course available to the public.

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