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The Network Penetration Test (Adversarial Simulation) specifically tests the vulnerability of your network. This test is vital because the communication systems your employees and colleagues use are vulnerable to malicious attacks. In view of this, we perform Network Penetration Testing (Adversarial Simulation) against external assets, internal assets, or a combination of both.

Our Network Penetration Testing (Adversarial Simulation) begins with an automated vulnerability assessment. This test includes common and uncommon attack techniques, open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering, and company specific research. Upon completion of the assessment, we provide a comprehensive report that details the vulnerabilities discovered within the time allotted. The report is structured in a way stakeholders can easily see for themselves the state of their network in a meaningful and reproducible way.

The Network Penetration Test (Adversarial Simulation) is ideal for required periodic testing, and provides maximum benefit when performed monthly. Additionally, we can use this test as a quick verification of possible security impact when significant changes are made to your infrastructure.

Why Choose a Network Penetration Test (Adversarial Simulation)?

The Network Pentest (AdSim) is a valuable tool for organizations looking to simulate what a malicious adversary may be able to achieve against their organization. It provides expert assessment and analysis of your potential risk and details where vulnerabilities exist in your infrastructure that could pose that risk. Additionally, the results of the simulated attacks can allow for policy and procedure changes to further secure your company and critical data. As a result, you can now plan, educate, and prepare for attacks.

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