Social Engineering Penetration Test


The Social Engineering Penetration Test is designed to mimic attacks that malicious social engineers will use to breach your company. We employ a number of techniques to include all methods of phone, Internet-based, and onsite engagements.

Our SE Pentest service includes a full report of findings and mitigation recommendations which will be confidentially debriefed to your executive staff and security team. Finally, as part of this service, we will develop and deliver specific education for your organization to correct existing issues and prepare against future attacks.

We will not only locate your specific vulnerabilities, but can assist you in creating an environment of security through education with:

  • Thorough Internet, live, and onsite perimeter testing
  • Detailed reporting and mitigation recommendations
  • Confidential debriefing including methods, sources, and step-by-step attack outlines that allow your company to know what you are doing correctly and where improvement is needed
  • Customized training and education delivered onsite or based on customer request

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