jay korpi

Jay Korpi is the Director of Sales for Social-Engineer, LLC. Mr. Korpi is a subject matter expert in Social Engineering and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations. He is also an expert in physical intrusion and assessments, as well as a seasoned Red Team coordinator. Drawing on his HUMINT expertise, Mr. Korpi engages in Social Engineering analysis, as well as planning and attack methodology development that surpasses current industry standard practices.

While performing full scope, full scale Red Team operations for one of the countries largest municipalities as a Red Team operative, Mr. Korpi  gained unauthorized access to denied areas, secure facilities, and procured protected assets across water, power sector and financial institutions. For physical intrusions, Mr. Korpi conducted in-depth study of destruction, replication, and bypass of internal lock mechanisms. He also developed techniques for undetectable bypass of locking mechanisms, as well as created new tactical methods for live physical key creation in support of Red Team operations.

“Social engineering involves interacting with the human element at an organization and utilizing that element to gain access, whether physical or virtual, to information and systems at the organization.” — Jay Korpi

Mr. Korpi is a 21 year veteran of the United States Air Force. During his service in the armed forces, he was responsible for the handling and protection of HIPAA data and information. He managed over 400 personnel in a level 1 trauma hospital for over four years. Mr. Korpi’s service is distinct and decorated; he is the recipient of a Meritorious Service Medal, five times awarded USAF Medals of Commendation, three-time recipient of Joint Service medals. He also has multiple Air Force medals of achievement and merit.