Josten Peña

Human Risk Analyst

Josten Pena

Josten Peña is a Human Risk Analyst with Social-Engineer, LLC. As a professional visher, Josten uses the same social engineering tactics as an attacker would. By doing so, he trains clients to become better equipped should a real attack arise. His work as a professional visher, providing assistance through education, enables Josten to help other people; something that he enjoys doing.  

Josten holds experience in many different occupations.  His experience includes working as a Collections Agent, Door to Door Salesman, and even in the Hospitality Industry.  Though these occupations are very different, one commonality Josten honed in on is how to effectively connect with people and build rapport. Valuable skills which he uses in his current job. 

In his off time, Josten enjoys exploring small towns with his wife, collecting magazines and listening to movie soundtracks. He enjoys science fiction movies and is also a big fan of the Reality Competition Show “Survivor,” which he one day hopes to compete on. 

 “Social Engineering is a powerful tool that in reality, anyone is able to master. However, how you use that tool is what matters the most. Those that may try to use social engineering with malicious intent will do so ruthlessly. Which is why it is our job to use it for the greater good in helping others to protect themselves and finding vulnerabilities that someone with ill intent may try to exploit.” – Josten Peña