Kazuyuki Nishi

Chief Administrative Officer

Kazuyuki Nishi is the Chief Administrative Officer of Social Engineer, LLC. He joined the Social-Engineer, LLC Team in 2015.  With 13+ years of experience as a senior engineer for a global company, Kazuyuki brings strong technical, organizational, and problem-solving skills from outside the security space.

“Social engineering, very broadly, is the act of influencing others. It has been a fascination of mine for awhile. Though I am an engineer at heart, I find the skills needed in this field valuable. Not just for security education, but also for developing meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.” — Kazuyuki Nishi

Kazuyuki Nishi has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology. He also has an Associates in Engineering Technology in Telecommunications Technology from the Pennsylvania State University. Additionally, Kazuyuki is a graduate of the Advanced Practical Social Engineering class.