Maxie Reynolds

Maxie Reynolds is the Technical Team Lead at Social-Engineer LLC. She started her career in oil and gas as an underwater robotics pilot working around the world on vessels and platforms. She then transited into cyber security for one of the Big Four in Australia working in ethical hacking and social engineering. She later studied digital forensics with SANS and has performed digital forensics for law enforcement, corporate America and has been utilized as an expert witness. She is an expert on attacker mindset, citing it as a social engineer’s most important set of skills.

Social engineering,  in terms of security, is the intersection of stress testing and social skill. Knowing how to use attacker mindset in a non-threatening and unassuming way when performing these tests is paramount to success.”— Maxie Reynolds

Maxie was born in Scotland, has a degree in Computer Science, a degree in Underwater Robotics from Cranfield University and is educated in Quantum Computing from MIT. She also works with the Innocent Lives Foundation in her free time.