Shelby Dacko

Shelby Dacko is a Human Risk Analyst with Social‐Engineer, LLC. Shelby’s specialties include vishing, OSINT work, and educational material production. She also enjoys public speaking and teaching. Shelby’s most recent speaking engagement was at InfoSec World where she delivered a riveting talk entitled, “Understanding Vishing from the Attackers Perspective.” She was also a highlighted panel member at DerbyCon: Finish Line, entitled “Vishing: Real Vs. Competition, What’s the Difference?”, where she spoke alongside Alethe Denis, Whitney Maxwell, Chris Silvers, and Colin Hadnagy.

In addition to her work at Social-Engineer, Shelby also volunteers for the Innocent Lives Foundation. The Innocent Lives Foundation is a nonprofit organization that unmasks anonymous online child predators to help bring them to justice.

Shelby Dacko is a certified Social Engineering Pentest Professional (SEPP), has her bachelor’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and is a trained American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter.

Shelby defines social engineering as the act of using what you know about human behaviors to bring about your desired outcome.

“Social engineering can be beneficial when used to better understand and communicate with those around you.”
— Shelby Dacko