Colin Hadnagy has been working with Social-Engineer, LLC for over 5 years in many different aspects of the field. He has a great interest in Open-Source Intelligence gathering (OSINT) and the physical aspects of penetration testing. Moving from a blue-collar field into the industry at the early stages of the company, he has experienced the growth and changes of both the company and the industry. He is usually manning demonstration tables on lockpicking and handcuff shimming at various cons, and he’d be very happy to teach you.

Colin is constantly trying to learn new things, and to steal new techniques from the best of the best. He has made it his goal to weaponize niceness and to fit as much truth as possible into his social-engineering style. Communications and profiling are an aspect he looks to expand on in the near future.

“We make people more secure, not only to the benefit of their employers, but also in their lives.”