Social-Engineer Mastermind Group

What is the Social Engineering MastermindGroup (MMG)?

Mastermind Groups are a concept in which professionals gather to discuss a specific topic to gain knowledge, provide one another support, and develop possible solutions. They are often facilitated by industry leaders who can point the groups in directions that will benefit all involved. The focus is generally sharing information and ideas that will enhance the participating businesses.

This particular group is focused strictly on social engineering (SE). It will be guided by the industry leaders in this topic, author of the book, Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking, and professional Social Engineer, Chris Hadnagy as well as his team of highly trained professionals. These special small groups will focus on identifying the most common attacks and how to mitigate them.

How will your company benefit?

Domain-specific knowledge: This group is designed to focus strictly on the dangers of social engineering and how to mitigate at the corporate level. Social engineering is the easiest and most widely-used attack vector in causing or facilitating security breaches and current knowledge is critical for companies serious about their corporate security planning.

Professional support network: Being part of the MMG gives you a network of other corporate professionals in which to exchange critical and time-sensitive information. In addition to direct access to Chris Hadnagy and his team, participants will have access to the combined experience of other corporate leaders.

Personalized attention: Because the group is kept small, you will have your questions and concerns addressed instantly, in a confidential setting.

Minimal resources required: No travel or excessive training/consulting fees are required. For a minimal investment, your company will have the best support and information available in the field of social engineering.

What is the offer?

Social-Engineer, Inc. is initiating an extremely exclusive SE MMG, limited to 15 industry leaders. We have elected to limit the size of the group to ensure customized content in a personal, private setting. We are sensitive to the potential negative publicity and subsequent damage to corporate reputation, so are committed to a confidential, secure learning environment. In addition, this group will have access to benefits at a price that will not be offered again.

The SE MMG receives:

  • Monthly calls that will last 1.5 hours, tailored to the needs of the group
  • Recordings of each call
  • Transcripts of each calls
  • Free Lifetime membership to full training site (coming soon)

What are the membership details?

Membership in the Master Mind group is subscription-based. You may continue to be a member at the inaugural prices as long as you participate on a continuing basis. The pricing below will not be offered to subsequent groups.

  • Monthly = $197.00
  • Quarterly = $530.00 ($60 Savings)
  • Semi-Annually = $1045 ($137 Savings)
  • Annually = $2059 ($305 Savings)
If you are not sure yet you can request to stay informed and ask questions by clicking below and filling out the form.

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