Social-Engineer offers highly-interactive training courses that balance practical lectures and discussion with multiple hands-on exercises, demonstrations, and some very creative homework assignments. You will learn the tactics and techniques social engineers use to leverage attacks, and how that information can protect you or your company against these potential attacks.

Designed and written by Christopher Hadnagy (author of Social Engineering: The Science of Human Hacking and Unmasking the Social Engineer: The Human Side of Security), with contributions by Robin Dreeke (former Chief, FBI Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program), Social-Engineer provides the only performance-based social engineering training courses available to the public.

In addition, our training courses provide the opportunity for you to practice your new skills.  You will also benefit from individualized feedback provided by our professional pentesters and social engineers.

Practical Open Source Intelligence

Our Training Courses

Practical OSINT Training for Social Engineers

This practical, hands-on, 2-day training course provides far more than a list of reconnaissance tools. Attendees learn how to develop a strategy for searching, categorizing, as well as organizing information. This is coupled with real world examples demonstrating how to use advanced technologies to assist with investigations.

Advanced Practical Social Engineering

Advanced Practical Social Engineering (APSE) is a 4-day, highly-interactive course. This training course is a combination of practical lectures and discussion, coupled with multiple hands-on exercises, as well as demonstrations.  In addition, it has very creative homework assignments.

Master’s Level Social Engineering

The Master’s Level Social Engineering Training Course is by invitation only. To receive an invitation to this course, potential attendees must first successfully complete the Advanced Practical Social Engineering course. And desire to to be a positive impact on the industry.

Customized Private Training Course

Our customized training is fully customizable to the needs of your organization. It can include smaller, more personalized tailored versions of Advanced Practical Social Engineering, Practical Open Source Intelligence for Everyday Social Engineers, or both.