Is a 100% Success Claim Realistic?


Guaranteed to give you a full head of hair…. guaranteed to make you lose weight… guaranteed to change your sex life…. These guarantees are often used in the marketing world to gain curiosity and to make the consumer take a peek at the offer. Now come on, you don’t have to admit it … but guaranteed: most of us reading this have taken a second gander at one of these offers at least once.  I know I have  However, even if you’ve fallen for this tactic in the past, you likely now realize that these claims are bogus or, at […] Continue Reading >

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Don’t take it from us, let our clients tell you...

geoff bickers LinkedIn photo

Geoff Bickers

Director of Security at ICANN

“Social-Engineer, Inc.’s insight and realistic analysis of potential exploits to our human network allowed us to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities that a standard network pentest would have missed. Chris and his team ran a comprehensive phishing and vishing campaign and provided an amazing education program that was very well received by our staff and truly impacted behavior. They are simply the best at what they do! I highly recommend Social-Engineer, Inc.”

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