Social-Engineer offers professional corporate services to assist our clients in the assessment and education of their human network.

The strongest technical perimeter will not protect a company against an attack directed at its people. Our team will determine how vulnerable you are to a social engineering attack with the potential to breach your network, obtain your intellectual property, or even gain physical access to your site.

Phishing as a Service (PHaaS®)

Phishing as a Service® (PHaaS®) is Social-Engineer’s patented, fully managed monthly service. It is an essential tool to keep your enterprise one step ahead of attackers.

Vishing as a Service (VaaS®)

Our professional Social Engineers use custom crafted phone pretexts to elicit critical data from your employees on a month to month basis. This process equips organizations with a continuous assessment and training process to successfully combat vishing attacks.

Social Engineering Risk Assessment (SERA)

During our Social Engineering Risk Assessment, you have the options for us to perform an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigation on your company and/or high value internal personnel. We collect data from publicly available sources such as social media platforms, public records, interest and hobby sites, as well as other online databases. We search for information that would enable an attacker to perform targeted attacks against your employees.

Physical Security Assessments

Social Engineering Teaming Service

The term “SE Team” is a nod to the commonly used term “Red Team” in a penetration testing context. At Social-Engineer, LLC we pride ourselves on differentiating terminology into meaningful and unambiguous terms.

Red Teaming Service

The Red Teaming Service is a full-scope, multi-layered, adversarial simulation. Its purpose is to test a company’s human element, networks, applications, and physical security.

Penetration Testing

Social Engineering Pentest

The Social Engineering Pentest is a unique penetration test that specifically tests only the human element of your organization. Its purpose is to ensure that employees follow company security standards. Additionally, it assists an organization to align themselves with industry best practices.

Network Pentest

The Network Penetration Test is a Penetration Test that specifically tests the vulnerability of your network. The communication systems your employees and colleagues use are vulnerable to malicious attacks. We perform Network Penetration Testing against external assets, internal assets, or a combination of both.