Thank you for your interest in the 4-day Practical Application of Social Engineering. Combining our Practical OSINT for Social Engineers and Social Engineering Risk Assessment classes into one comprehensive training, this specialized course immerses you in the world of open-source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering with a focus on social engineering using proven methods to ensure the material stays with you. Each day consists of instructor-led demonstrations and live exercises with actual human targets.

  • Day One: Basic concepts of OSINT and social engineering, documentation, performing non-technical OSINT including Google Search Algorithms and metadata research.
  • Day Two: Perform focused OSINT on selected targets to gather actionable intelligence and build pretexts for simulated attacks on real human subjects.
  • Day Three: Learn the concepts and techniques of phishing and spear phishing, Students will construct these phishing messages for review and feedback from the instructors.
  • Day Four: Learn the concepts and techniques of vishing and spear vishing. Students will perform vishing calls on real human subjects and receive feedback from the instructors.

We will provide: 4 days’ worth of learning materials, access to a customized Public Branch Exchange (PBX) client, and a virtual desktop environment for use during the class.

Each student continues their journey in the Practical Application of Social Engineering course for an opportunity to take the world’s only Certified Ethical Social Engineering Certification, the CESE. Information provided during the class.


You will need to have:

  • A will to learn and expand your horizons
  • A laptop loaded with basic software (details will be emailed once you are registered). Be aware, iPads are not sufficient for this training.
  • Noise-canceling headphones with a mic, earbuds and airpods are not sufficient.


** Cancellation Policy: If Social-Engineer cancels a course for any reason you will receive a full refund.**

For student cancellations:

90+ Days = 100% refund

60-90 Days = 75% refund

45-60 Days = 50% refund

30-45 Days = 25% refund

Under 30 Days = 0% refund

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