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Practical Application of Social Engineering

Foundational Application of Social Engineering

Thank you for your interest in the 4-day Practical Application of Social Engineering (PASE). We combined our Practical OSINT for Social Engineers and Social Engineering Risk Assessment classes into one comprehensive training. This specialized course immerses you in the world of social engineering using proven methods to ensure the material stays with you. 

You will learn and perform open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering with a focus on social engineering. You will also learn techniques to build real world phishing emails and make actual vishing phone calls. Each day consists of instructor-led demonstrations and live exercises with actual human targets. 

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Each student continues their journey in the Practical Application of Social Engineering courseIt includes a free opportunity to take the world’s only Certified Ethical Social Engineering Certification (CESE). Information on how to sign up for the certification is provided during the class. 

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