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Certified Ethical Social Engineer Certification

After you complete the Foundational Application of Social Engineering (FASE) and Practical Application of Social Engineering (PASE) classes, you are eligible for one free attempt at the Certified Ethical Social Engineer (CESE) certification exam. 


Additionally, you can sign up to take the CESE as a stand alone certification from the button below, if you feel you possess the skills needed to pass.


We feel that a beneficial certification must contain these elements:


  • Be Practical
  • Be Challenging
  • Be Real World


The Certified Ethical Social Engineer Certification exam accomplishes all that.


The team at SECOM has been running a target company for over a decade. It has several employees to target, who are not real people but look as authentic as possible on the internet. This target company also has some employees who don’t know they are part of a certification process.


These employees run the secretarial and tech support systems. You are given 48 hours to accomplish all the certification goals during your certification. You are granted access to SECOM’s custom vishing server. All instructions arrive at the time you choose to start the certification.


Staying Current

Starting in 2024, all CESE will be required to recertify every three years to maintain their certification status.

Each student will be notified when their certification is coming up for renewal. At that time, they will be scheduled and allowed to take an updated exam to maintain their CESE certification for another three years. The renewal exam fee is $399. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to take both of your courses to qualify to take the CESE?

A: You can take the CESE certification with out taking any of our training if you feel you possess the skills of OSINT and ethical vishing, phishing and report writing. To take the certification with out taking the class the cost is $999.00

Q: What is the cost of the certification?

A: Your first attempt is included in the price of the FASE or PASE Classes, if you take it as a stand alone certification the cost is $999.00

Q: What if I fail, can I retake it?

A: Yes, the cost for a retake is set at $250.

Q: How is my grade determined?

A: There is a team at Social-Engineer that has been through the certification process and runs the target company as well as the cert itself. They will grade you certification and notify you of the results.