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Managed Services

Our managed services identify risk and assess vulnerability within your organization’s human network. Engagements focus on simulation of social engineering attacks and determine the potential for corporate assets being breached and compromised. 


Vishing Service

Our unique, scalable vishing methodology deploys professionally trained, certified social engineers to elicit critical information from your employees. 

Pair it with our revolutionary Instant Vishing Education Service for a one-two punch in testing and education.

Managed Vishing Service

Phishing Service

Our fully-managed program measures and tracks how your employees respond to email phishing attacks. Our patented process, constructing messages with varying levels of sophistication, identifies at-risk user groups as employees demonstrate their ability to recognize and report fraudulent emails. 


SMiShing Service

Our fully-managed program measures and tracks how your employees respond to text-based phishing attacks. 

Introducing Our Pioneering Hybrid Service

Hybrid Service

A comprehensive solution designed to fortify your team against complex social engineering challenges. Leveraging the expertise of our trained and certified social engineers, we offer an unparalleled program that simulates real-world attacks, providing your employees with the knowledge and tools to defend against them.


Adversarial Simulation

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber and physical security threats, generic assessments no longer suffice. Our Adversarial Simulation (AdSim) service offers a customized, comprehensive approach to identifying vulnerabilities by emulating the tactics, techniques, and procedures of real-world adversaries. Designed to penetrate your defenses just as an actual attacker would, our service probes your network, physical premises, and even your personnel to uncover potential security gaps.

Social Engineering Security Assessments

Security Assessments

Our expert analysis of deep level OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) serves as the basis for the four main simulated attack vectors: Vishing, Phishing, SMiShing, & Impersonation. Security assessments are customized, thorough investigations providing actionable reporting and guidance for remediation. 

Introducing Our Premier AI-Based Social Engineering Audits:

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Fake Social Engineering Audits

A cutting-edge service designed to arm your staff with the critical skills needed to navigate this emerging threat landscape. Utilizing advanced deep fake and digital skin technologies, we simulate hyper-realistic scenarios to test and enhance your team’s vigilance against these sophisticated attacks.