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Master's Level Social Engineer Certification

The Master’s Level Social Engineering Course is a red team certification process. To achieve a Mastery Level Certification, attending this course, you must show that you can phishvish, support a team, and physically enter a building as a red teamer during day and night operations.

Every student must prove they can perform the above skills with the highest degree of ethics, morals, and the “leave them feeling better for having met you” mantra.

If you make it through the week and accomplish the goals stated above, you will receive your unique MLSE Certification and your customized student report card with expert feedback on your performance.

This certification is the only practical, real-world, hands-on red teaming course offered in the corporate world, and now you can take it and get the coveted MLSE Certification showing your mastery of social engineering base red teaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is this course so expensive?

A: We set up a living lab for the students. It involves offices, computers, phones, real people to target, both nighttime and daytime operations. In addition, we provide all your meals and necessary tools to accomplish the goals of the class.

Q: How is this legal?

A: The rules of engagement for an adsim is that both ends of the test must agree, the tester and the company being tested. Since both sides are owned by Social-Engineer, we can legally perform actual red teaming with out stepping over the line of the law.

Q: Do I have to have experience to take this class?

A: Of course, experience will help greatly, but generally in our classes there are those members of a team with lots of skills and those who are new.  The class dynamics help to make sure all have a great experience.