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Our panel of professionally trained, certified social engineers share attacker perspectives, tactics, and how to defend against them. These worldclass, infosec speakers will engage your audience with more than fifteen different security awareness topics. Our infosec speakers are available for virtual, in-person, and hybrid, engagements. 

Our Speakers

Infosec speakers Dr. Abbie Maroño

Dr. Abbie Maroño

Director of Education

Infosec speakers Shelby Dacko

Shelby Dacko

Human Risk Analyst

Infosec Speakers Patrick Laverty

Patrick Laverty

Senior Team Lead

Infosec speakers Ryan MacDougall

Ryan MacDougall

Chief Operating Officer

Josten Peña

Josten Peña

Human Risk Analyst

infosec speakers Chris Hadnagy

Chris Hadnagy

CEO | Chief Human Hacker

Infosec speakers Curt Klump

Curt Klump

Human Risk Analyst

2023 Speakers Portfolio

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