Our unique vishing methodology deploys professionally trained and certified social engineers to elicit critical information from your employees. Hundreds to thousands of calls per month can be made to your employees by certified social engineers capable of pivoting and adjusting conversation like a real attacker might. Our program offers both scale and quality. We do not use script-driven call center staff and we never use robocallers!


  • Customized Rules of Engagement
  • Tailored Pretexts – No scripting
  • Enterprise Capabilities
  • Monthly Comprehensive Reporting
  • Measured Efficacy & Demonstratable ROI

Instant Vishing Education Service (IVES)

In combination with our managed Vishing Service, IVES™ sends employees customized training and test results. Advance your employees training with automatic email messaging upon completion of each connection.
The same concept as a phishing landing page but for vishing services. Users are notified of your on-going security testing while communicating your customized vishing education minutes after receiving the testing call. You will not find another vendor offering this service.

Managed SMiShing Service
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