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Social-Engineer’s 2023 State of Vishing Report is a unique, one-of-a-kind look into the social engineering threat of vishing. Vishing or “voice phishing” is the act of making fraudulent phone calls to manipulate a person. Attackers will target sensitive information that can lead to a data, network, or financial, breach through vishing. 

This report uses Social-Engineer’s own dataset of vishing calls made by our own professional, ethical social engineers. With over 83,000 calls made, we analyzed the world’s largest record of vishing calls. Our mission is to be the leading science and ethics based social engineering testing and education resource in the world. To lead that endeavor, we have spent countless hours ensuring our processes and data can arm you with the best information to fight against malicious social engineering attacks. The team at Social-Engineer is excited to bring this report to you and its findings.  

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Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the world’s first State of Vishing Report. 

State of Vishing Report

2023 State of Vishing Report