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Red Team Labs

Foundational Application of Social Engineering

Thank you for you interest in our Red Team Labs (RTL) offering.

This training is the world’s only red teaming lab environment of it’s kind. It is available to teams only and not on an individual student basis.

It is a 5-day full immersion into custom tailored activities for your team’s primary objectives and needs.  If you enjoyed FASE/PASE/MLSE but need to take your team to the next level in the exciting and fun world of social engineering this is the next piece of your puzzle.

You will be part of an exercise customized to your team. Practice and learn tactics and techniques specific to your teams objectives, utilizing multiple locations for recon and covert entry and interacting with targets that do not know they are part of the labs. You can use and improve your skills in elicitation, rapport building, phishing, vishing, covert entry and more. 

We are limiting the Red Team Labs to one team at a time, and it will only be taught FOUR times each year to save your teams spot contact us early.

You can download a Justification letter here.

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