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About Social-Engineer, LLC

Who we are

Social-Engineer, LLC is a team of outsidethebox thinkers that share a common focus on human-to-human social engineering. As the foremost leader on the subject, we apply scientifically proven methodologies to uncover vulnerabilities, define risk, and provide remediation. We are the experts in social engineering. 

Threats to information security consistently focus their attacks on company employees. Our managed service programs, Vishing, Phishing, SMiShing, and Security Assessments, are designed to Test, Educate, and Protect your company’s first line of defense – your employees. 

We are the global leader in social engineering education. Our professional training courses are highly interactive and coach the students to use the practical application of the attacker mindset to protect critical assets. 

Master's Level Social Engineering (MLSE)

Our Life Cycle of Security


We conduct the simulated attacks and provide detailed, actionable metrics on the behavior of your targeted staff. Points of failure are teachable moments, and tracking on-going improvement areas are critical to an effective security awareness program. These services are highly customizable and specifically designed to achieve client-based outcomes. 


We provide course instruction and training specific to the tactics hostile attackers use, influence and manipulation. Our interactive training is often described as ‘life-changing,’ with the overall goal of enhancing individual skills. Several courses qualify for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. 


We prevent the devastating effects of data breaches and provide remediation. We designed our managed services to strengthen security posture by detecting vulnerabilities and mitigating risk.