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Foundational Application of Social Engineering

Foundational Application of Social Engineering

Thank you for your interest in the 4-day Foundational Application of Social Engineering (FASE). Previously titled Advanced Practical Social Engineering (APSE).  This specialized course immerses you in the world of social engineering using proven methods to ensure the material stays with you. 

Each day is filled with in-class lectures and practical exercises. It is followed up by live exercises in the evenings that help you hone and perfect the skills taught in the class. The next day starts off with a debrief of the previous evening’s events to pinpoint learning moments. This is duplicated for the next two days. The final day has a debrief but no live exercises that night. 

The focus of FASE

This class focuses on the aspects of human decision making, and why it is important to understand these mechanisms. Whether you are coming as a manager, sales person, adversary simulator, parent, instructor, or any other role you may have, FASE will help you see how you can benefit from this knowledge in your career and in life. 

The class is led by the author of five of the bestselling books about social engineering, Chris Hadnagy, and one of SECOM’s certified, experienced co-trainers. The class is dynamic, meaning it changes based on the students, and it has been described by graduates as “life altering,” “eye opening in every aspect,” “career enhancing,” and so much more. 

This class is limited to 25 students. Please sign up quickly. 

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Each student starts their journey in the Foundational Application of Social Engineering course. It includes a free opportunity to take the world’s only Certified Ethical Social Engineering Certification (CESE). Information on how to sign up for the certification is provided during the class. 

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