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When employees understand the threats posed by phishing attacks, they are less likely to click malicious links. Additionally, they are more likely to report suspicious activity. Organizations that implement PHaaS® dramatically reduce malware infection rates, laptop re-imaging, drive-by downloads, and adware, while protecting an organization’s most critical assets and trade secrets.

Phishing as a Service® (PHaaS®) is Social-Engineer’s patented and trademarked, fully-managed monthly service. It is an essential tool to keep your enterprise one step ahead of attackers. Our premier service measures and tracks how your employees respond to phishing email attacks. PHaaS® is based on a levelized approach to phishing training. Employees will graduate to an increased level of sophistication as they prove they can follow corporate policy by recognizing and reporting fraudulent emails.

Upon completion of each month’s assessment, we provide a comprehensive report that includes employee actions and responses. This report provides actionable data enabling you to align your company with industry best practices. This helps stakeholders see the effectiveness of internal training. The training can then be adjusted and tailored to the most vulnerable users.

Social-Engineer provides organizations with a constant, repeatable process for addressing security challenges through assessment, awareness and education.

Do you need help explaining this to your boss? Grab our one pager on PHaaS® below as well as our Phishing Consideration One Pager.

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