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Vishing as a Service (VaaS)

When employees understand the threats posed by vishing attacks, they are less likely to disclose vital information to malicious callers. Additionally, they are more likely to report suspicious activity. As a result, organizations that implement Vishing as a Service ® (VaaS ®) dramatically reduce the impact of fraudulent calls while protecting an organization’s most critical assets and trade secrets.

Vishing as a Service ® — A Fully-Managed Monthly Service

Vishing as a Service ® (VaaS ®) is Social-Engineer’s premier, fully-managed monthly service that was designed for medium, large and global enterprises needing help with vishing education. Our professional Social Engineers use custom-crafted phone pretexts to elicit critical data from your employees on a month-to-month basis. This process equips organizations with a continuous assessment and training process to successfully combat vishing attacks. Additionally, we record all calls for reporting and training purposes.

In combination with Social-Engineer’s Instant Vishing Education Service (IVES), after the completion of each call, the employees are sent customized training informing them of the test results and providing resources to improve their awareness of the vishing threat vector in much the same manner as conventional phishing training. The Instant Vishing Education System can be managed by Social-Engineer or deployed inside your company’s network.

Upon completion of  each Vishing as a Service ® (VaaS ®) monthly assessment, we provide a comprehensive report that includes the employee actions and responses. This report provides actionable data enabling you to align your company with industry best practices. As a result, stakeholders see the effectiveness of internal training. The training can then be adjusted and tailored to the most vulnerable users.

Employees in all sectors of industry will benefit from Vishing as a Service ® and the Instant Vishing Education Service.

Why Choose Vishing as a Service ®?

Social engineering is one of the fastest growing security risk concerns today. In fact, the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), notes that of the 2,013 confirmed data breaches, 33% included Social attacks. This report confirms, without a doubt, that criminals actively target the human network via social engineering. For this reason, Vishing as a Service ® (VaaS ®) provides a vital service in strengthening your defense foundation.

In a social engineering attack, criminals use social skills such as influence tactics to elicit information about an organization or its computer systems. We define social engineering as, “any act that influences a person to take an action that may or may not be in their best interest”. In view of this, at Social-Engineer, LLC we study the psychological, physiological, and technological aspects of influence. We use our unique insights to provide realistic simulated vishing attacks. As a result, our cutting-edge approach—combining the human network with the digital provides your organization with the optimal security awareness training.

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