Many of our followers know the story of how Social-Engineer came to life. For those of you who might not know, let us tell you the short version. We started all of this as a hobby. Social engineering has been a part of Chris’ life for a long time. It was only a natural progression that he would start Social-Engineer.Org. Shortly after the birth of the framework, the SE Podcast became a staple for many in the security industry, and then Chris was commissioned to write the book “Social Engineering: The Art Of Human Hacking”.

All of these factors combined to create the company, Social-Engineer, LLC. We wanted to take a few moments to introduce our new website and the new version of our company.

First, we are really excited to announce our growth. We add an official “Wrangler” of our team, Amanda Marchuk. She is in charge of keeping us on task, organized, and moving in the right direction. We have given Amanda a huge task; anyone who has to manage Chris’ schedule deserves an award.

Next, we have added a truly unique addition to our team. We gladly welcome Michele Fincher. Michele comes to us with an amazing background. Graduating with honors from the US Air Force Academy and Auburn University, she holds a BS in Human Factors Engineering and an MS in Counseling. She served at the Academy as an instructor and counselor while on active duty and later, as a civilian. After completing 10 years in the US Air Force, she worked in many different fields, but rested perfectly as an instructor in the security field after gaining her CISSP. Through pure social engineering skills, we got Michele to agree to be part of our team. She has already helped us in many ways and the future is looking brighter.

After growing and gaining new clients in government, the financial, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors, we decided it was time to abandon the older “hacker image” we held onto for so long and launch a brand-new website with a cleaner, more professional look and feel.

You will notice things are laid out to make it easier for you to browse. Our homepage houses the first of a series of videos designed to help you understand social engineering and what we can do to help. We will be offering more courses, and have an events calendar so you can find out where we will be and when.

We hope you enjoy the site and it helps you understand our goals. We look forward to working with you and hearing your feedback. Make sure to check this blog often for corporate news and new announcements.