Information is the lifeblood of a social engineer. Whether you’re a penetration tester, investigator, researcher, intelligence analyst or anyone else looking to extract powerful, freely available data, this course will expose the techniques, tricks and tools leveraged by Social-Engineer’s very own professional penetration testers.

This practical, hands-on, 2-day course provides far more than a list of reconnaissance tools. Attendees will learn how to develop a strategy for searching, categorizing and organizing information, with real world examples of how to make use of advanced technologies to assist with investigations. This course will also demonstrate how to utilize uncovered information to dredge for additional data as well as craft and launch realistic social engineering attacks.

Open Source Intelligence For Social Engineers
What the two days will cover

Leverage natural skills, explore advanced tools usage, and develop the mindset necessary to perform corporate investigations.

Who should take this training and why?

  • Penetration testers
  • Red teams
  • Sales persons
  • Anyone with an interest in learning how to mine the internet for data relevant to them

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