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Social Engineering
Risk Assessment

Elevate Your Security Strategy with Our Social Engineering Risk Assessment Service

In an era where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, the human element of your organization’s security often remains the most vulnerable. Our Social Engineering Risk Assessment service is meticulously designed to identify and mitigate these human vulnerabilities, effectively serving as a comprehensive “human vulnerability scan”. This service is especially critical for C-Level executives and  key personnel who possess substantial access and influence within the company, making them prime targets for threat actors.

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The Social Engineering Risk Assessment Process

Our approach is methodical, thorough, and divided into four distinct stages, each crucial for unveiling and addressing the nuanced layers of human threat risks.

Stage 1: OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Gathering

The cornerstone of our SERA process involves an exhaustive collection of publicly available information about the selected individuals. From hobbies and personal interests to family connections and social behaviors, we compile a detailed profile that reveals potential vectors an attacker might exploit.

Stage 2: Pretext Development

With a rich tapestry of information from the first stage, we craft highly personalized pretexts for vishing, phishing, and SMiShing. Our ethical commitment ensures these scenarios are respectful and aim to educate rather than embarrass, preparing your team for realistic yet sensitive threat simulations.

Stage 3: Attack Simulation

We then initiate approved simulated attacks, capturing the real-time responses of your team to these highly realistic threats. This controlled environment allows for a safe exploration of vulnerabilities without real-world repercussions.

Stage 4: Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

The culmination of our service is a detailed report that not only presents findings from each phase but also provides a deep analysis of vulnerabilities and recommendations for strengthening your defense. This phase is integral for transforming insights into actionable security improvements.

Why Choose Our SERA Service?

Transform Your Approach to
Security with Our SERA Service

In the digital age, understanding and mitigating human vulnerabilities is paramount. Our SERA service offers an unmatched depth of analysis and personalization, setting a new standard for proactive security. Protect your organization’s most valuable assets—its people—by uncovering and addressing the human risks that lurk within.