Our unique and scalable vishing methodology deploys professionally trained and certified social engineers to elicit critical information from your employees.


  • Customized Rules of Engagement
  • Tailored Pretexts – No scripting
  • Enterprise Capabilities
  • Monthly Comprehensive Reporting
  • Measured Efficacy & Demonstratable ROI

Instant Vishing Education Service (IVES)

In combination with our managed Vishing Service, IVES™ sends employees customized training and test results. Advance your employees training with automatic email messaging upon completion of each connection.

Social Engineering News: Impersonation

Social engineering attacks that employ impersonation tactics continue to plague…

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2021 Social Engineering Attacks: A Look Back

2021 Highlights 2021 has been a year full of everything from Kim and Kanye…

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Social Engineering Tactics Behind Ransomware
Social Engineering Tactics Behind Ransomware

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Vishing Attacks Are on The Rise

Companies are becoming more aware of potential cybersecurity threats and…

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Human Hacking Conference Year Beta
Human Hacking Conference – Year BETA

2020 was the kickoff of our first annual Human Hacking Conference (HHC), and…

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Aftermath of a Social Engineering Engagement

You have heard all the stories. Social engineers (SEs) being held at gunpoint,…

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