How a Potential Attacker Sees You

Knowing as much about a target as possible increases the success rate of potential attacks. Our experts conduct and analyze deep level OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) serving as the basis for the four main simulated attack vectors; Vishing, Phishing, SMiShing, and Impersonation. These are customized, thorough investigations providing actionable reporting and guidance for remediation. 


Deploy professionally trained social engineers for onsite impersonation day or night. Point-in-time testing of vendor/visitor access policies and physical perimeter. This full scope program is multi layered and may include badge cloning, credential harvesting, and network control.

Risk Assessment & Adversarial Simulation

This “human vulnerability scan” evaluates the online security posture of your highest value employees or company as a whole.  We then execute simulated attacks of spear vishing, phishing, and SMiShing based on the information we discover. 

Our Social Engineering Risk Assessment (SERA) and Adversarial Simulation (AdSim) provide attack surface data and testing enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions. 

Red Team Support

Augment your internal red team with trained and professional social engineers. We will work hand-in-hand with internal teams to test the human element of your network through remote consulting, feet-on-the-ground, and/or initial access testing through social engineering vectors.

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