2024 State of Vishing Report

Take Your Career to the Next Level With MLSE

Take Your Career to the Next Level with MLSE

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If you’re a professional Social Engineer, you know some situations are difficult to anticipate. The best way to improve your skills is with practice. But there aren’t many companies that are willing to allow professional Social Engineers to practice on their unsuspecting employees. So how can you practice social engineering skills ethically and legally? How can you learn and practice the skills necessary to be a Red Teamer or Physical Security Tester?

This is where the Master’s Level Social Engineering (MLSE) course comes in. Social-Engineer, LLC has created a living lab for professional Social Engineers to practice their techniques, hone their skills, and adapt, while successfully completing their goals. This is an in-real-life (IRL) class experience like few have seen before.

You’ll perform Phishing and Vishing with skills that can be learned in our virtual Practical Application of Social Engineering (PASE) course. Students will also practice eliciting critical information from live targets, impersonating others to gain access to course-run locations and performing covert entries during night sessions to simulate attacks against almost anything.

We have designed an environment with human targets who are unaware they are part of our training class. All activities are overseen by Social-Engineer, LLC staff and conducted legally and ethically.

The Live Lab

We have a group of people set up in an office in a city building. They perform various business-related tasks every day and complete routine reports. The office is fully equipped with phone lines, computers, printers, and wireless equipment. Everything one would expect to find in a genuine work environment.

During our training week, 16 MLSE students will be required to accomplish a set of very specific tasks:

  • Locate the office (none of us know where it is).
  • Locate the employees and identify their appearance.
  • Infiltrate the office.
  • Attempt to hack any of the equipment.
  • Follow and interact with the employees.
  • Follow the provided scope document closely to accomplish all the goals.

MLSE students will be assigned to a team which rotates every day. The Phishing team elicits information and gains access to devices using phishing emails. The Vishing team elicits employee information using telephone calls. The Physical team oversees physical interactions and infiltration of the building. Lastly, the Support team is responsible for props, clothing, badges, cards, driving, and anything else needed to perform the operations of the day.

We’ve designed the lab scenario to be as realistic as possible providing a real-world experience. The SECOM staff act as project managers to supervise the work, but they are also largely unaware of any of the details. We do this so that, as a class, we learn the who, what, where, and how, alongside our students.

How MLSE Came to Be

In developing the Foundational Application of Social Engineering course, the homework and exercises were designed to guide students to apply the social engineering elements they learned. We wanted to give them an atmosphere where they could hone their skills but never cross any ethical line. Students would often come back to us with feedback that the course was unique and life-changing. But they wanted to know how to get to the next level.

Behind the Scenes

One night over a nice meal, some whiskey, and some amazing music by Clutch, our CEO and course architect, had an epiphany to transform Red Team training. So, he quickly grabbed a napkin and a pen and started mind-mapping out this wild idea. After numerous iterations, what emerged from that proverbial mountain of napkins is what we now call our Master’s Level Social Engineering (MLSE).

This new creation was the first of its kind and has only been open to an exclusive few. For the past seven years, we have only offered this specialized course to previous students who had completed our FASE and PASE courses. We also preferred that they attempt our Certified Ethical Social Engineer (CESE) exam, but not anymore.

Special Announcement

SECOM is announcing that, for the first time since its creation, we are opening our Master’s Level Social Engineering (MLSE) training course to the public!

We’ve had numerous requests for this invite-only opportunity, and we wanted to allow everyone to experience this in-person, hands-on training.

This is a once in a lifetime experience that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Once you’ve been through this class, you will never forget it. You will be among an exclusive group of professionals with an MLSE certification. It will add authority and credibility to your resume. It will add to your life experience. And you’ll connect with like-minded people who may become lifelong friends.

You’ll also be invited to join our private MLSE Slack Channel to network, share advice, and connect, with a strong community of other MLSE-certified Ethical Social Engineers.

Don’t be fooled! This week-long course is intensive. Training days are generally 16 to 19 hours per day. There are both daytime and nighttime ops, with some form of social engineering actively performed throughout each day of class. The week concludes with the entire group gathering for a massive debriefing, including employees and students.

Sticking to the scope, accomplishing the goals, and refraining from creating serious security concerns, will earn you the limited and exclusive Master’s Level Social Engineering Certification.

Ready for the challenge? Do you want to take your career to the next level? Join us for our next MLSE course, October 23-27, 2023, in Orlando, FL. Don’t wait! Space is limited.

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